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Half-Life: Alyx Review

Release Date
23. May 2020
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Half-Life: Alyx is a first-person VR shooter from Valve developed and released in 2020. Between the Half-Life events (1998) and Half-Life 2 events (2004), players control Alyx Vance in a mission to take a super weapon of the alien.

Death of Eli Vance

Five years before the fall of the Citadel and the death of Eli Vance, a young Alyx Vance is investigating the ongoing building of the Citadel in City 17. She is being called to rob a combine reactor from her father Eli and mechanical fellow Russell. She records regular CP activities but adds that for unexplained reasons, she observed the combination of transferring supplies to the Quarantine Zone. Russell and Eli learn something just as the call ends. Civil security immediately gets alerted while checking in with fellow resistance member Olga. Afterwards Alyx is caught as she makes her father’s appointment, which is captured by the combine.

Alyx knows it’s a long shot. Russell, a resistance friend who invented Alyx’s gravity gloves in the game, is never afraid to express his pessimism. The two characters talk to each other during the entire game.

First few hours, Alyx slowly introduces you to how things will work in VR. You’ve got time to look. You will spend some time trying all the gameplay and graphics options to make sure that the experience is comfortable since two people do not respond to VR in the same way. You will meet Russell soon, and be given the gloves that allow you to regulate gravity, store grenades, and healing syringes, and to see your health. Then you take your first gun and go into the world to find your dad.

A Good Fight

The half-life world is a world of scrapie, darkness, and alien life that overflows with what is left of human civilization. This is a game of horror much like an action game and a game of zombie just like a game of science fiction. The Combine itself is a cruel housekeeper and anywhere there is evidence of this cruelty. Also, healing stations operate by crushing an alien bug, removing their essence, and then injecting it into your hand and giving you your energy back.

You can step next to the objects to pick them up directly, but it’s a lot more important to use your gloves; just point an object to glow and flick it inwards to bring it to you. You must pick it out of the air and either put it on each glove in a storage slot, put it back to you to save it in your bag, or use it directly.

Each weapon has the right amount of interactivity to let you know that you are dealing with many moving pieces. But it’s not so hard that it’s a burden. The pistol, your first weapon, is a perfect example. You must take a magazine from your backpack, slam it in the grip, and drag the slide across the room to use it.

Reloading is carried out by pressing a button to drop the appeared magazine and replicating the above behavior. It sounds easy, but wait until you crook behind a pile of cinder blocks, take out magazines from the atmosphere to you, load them and wave a spin until you get up and come back to shoot as bullets wave past your head.

The Half-Life: Alyx developers show their craftsmanship at Valve. They implement an idea, allow the player the time and ability to play without pressure with that idea, and then bring it into a situation where the pressure increases and measures the mastery.

It’s quick to fight back; it’s not under pressure. Particularly when you juggle locomotives and physically duck behind the cover, or check around the corners for a fire return, and become accustomed to finding ammunition and reloading always as quickly as possible.

Until it’s time, move slowly

VR lets you vanish into a game in ways with a regular screen that is difficult and immediacy means that the half-life pacing: Alyx cannot be what you expect. There is so much to see and learn that, if you want to see all of this, you could have spent five minutes or more of discovery and interaction here in a regular game in a few seconds. And in this game there are some unbelievable sights to see.

Easter eggs, ammunition and resin — the resource that you use during the entire game to upgrade your weapons at certain stations are hidden all over. Curiosity is practically always rewarded, and if you think anything could look like you should try… Possibly you should try to touch it.

It can take a dozen enemies to race your heart in a typical half-life match, but two or three combined soldiers (or one headcrab flying at you) are more than enough for you to make Half-life battle epic: Alyx. The range and flow in VR are very different, and Valve managed both carefully.


It is unlikely and the fact that it takes place in VR just makes it fresher. Valve has succeeded in almost every aim for this project. The good news is that people will experience what is probably the best VR game ever published.

Half-Life: Alyx Review
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The graphics and sound design are top-notch.
Engaging story.
Great atmosphere.
Incredible addition to half-life series.

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