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The Best VR YouTubers in 2020

From being a part of star wars to attaining a persona of a smuggler, Japanese girls, attractive anime live characters like Kaguya Luna to Siru, VR characters are as lively as you are and as dynamic as anyone of you could be.

VR is not only about these superlative narratives, but it presents a whole range of informative series like medical, astronomy, architecture designs, engineering creations etc.

It’s a whole world of virtual reality on YouTube. An animated version of humans got the voice of a human, but act in a far superior way than we can. They all display their supersonic skills that go beyond our thought. Many of these characters are wicked, but many of them are good who want to end evil. 

Undoubtedly, Virtual Reality is a huge thing in the current era, where people love to adopt Zuckerberg’s Oculus and are set to explore, implore, educate and get thrilled in the fictitious but existent world of VR. 

Top 7 Virtual Reality YouTubers 2020


Nathie is a popular name among the VR community since he appeared in the VR world in 2016. He hails from Netherlands and has 7 you tube channels with over 180million views. He has gained commendable success by regularly churning out entertaining videos on VR games. His followers seem to love his energetic delivery and wide smile. He is a full-time VR content creator, reviews apps, share experiences, plays and creates games. On his channel, you can find Play station VR, Oculus Rift, Touch, and HTC Vive reviews and gameplay. He also likes to play with drones, augmented reality, and cinematography. The channel has an audience of over 404 thousand subscribers and his videos go up to 115 Million views. 

Kizuna AI

Kizuna AI of Japan broke all the records as a leading first virtual YouTuber since she made her first appearance in 2019. She has more than 4 million subscribers across her three channels, ie.  AI Channel, AI Games, and AI Channel China. Kizuna symbolizes each girl of her age who loves to talk about herself and can do anything wisely and with a great intellect. She also loves to explain the subjects about which she talks regularly. She loves dancing and sometimes acts funny and feels happy. It makes her a very likable character. What makes her so appealing is her long brown hair and aquamarine-colored eyes. She made her debut with a slogan to connect with the viewers, “I want to connect with everyone,” she says, and she is successful in connecting with everyone. 


He is an Australian VR Buddy, playing VR that comprises of Brick Rigs, TABS, Amazing Frog, Beast Battle Simulator, and wacky ragdoll beside others. And now you can see him in a Kungfu Avatar as Kungfucious VR. You can have more and more of Cheru as Battlewake VR, Blade and Sorcery, and many more. His videos, “Hit Man”, “Hit Man1” and “Bangkok Randomizer” are all great hits. 


He presents anything and everything about virtual reality, augmented reality, and human-computer. His team creates VR multiplayer games, VR Chat, solo games, etc., and also presents enough scope for the people to interact with each other. The channel has more than 161 thousand subscribers and 18 million views. 

The Lonely Viper

It is considered as a VR crazy thing, as it is a game of VR shooters that requires skill and wit. The Lonely Viper says that people call him Deadpool. Now he has many more gaming videos for the enthusiasts like Medal of Goner as he loves to create something new, challenging, and making friends.

Barbie Roberts

Barbie Roberts of the 2015, “Barbie dollhouse” an animated online web series has now entered into her own virtual Roberts Family. Roberts took part in the annual Family of the Year contest and has to compete against the champion family, Reardon. So how do they do it and win the competition is an exciting thing to watch. The video has gained 657,341 views since it appeared on March 19th, 2020. 


Blitz, with his most famous video having over half a million views,” Among Us But I am the best VR Imposter” is an American YouTuber. He primarily has game play videos on his channel. It is a game of fun, in which your character is an imposter and betrays your friends. There is craziness in this game, yet stimulating. In the VR world nothing is impossible, and neither in this game. You immerse yourself in a character who is an imposter and watch him running and creating hilarious scenes. 

Among Us but I’m The BEST VR IMPOSTOR! – Among Us VRCHAT

There is a vast range of interactive virtual characters that gives YouTube viewers a panoramic virtual experience. No wonder Virtual Reality is now the next big thing and people are ready to get immersed in its world. It is fictitious but real, informative, entertaining, thrilling, and stimulating. Many VR enthusiasts are putting their stakes in creating VR videos, and no doubt they are achieving successes and getting better results than what they are expecting. 

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